Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Pike!!

Great book! Great cover!  Especially the banner in the top right-hand corner!  No, not 60p, it cost £1.99, the robbing bastards!  Soon to be a major film!  Surely this would be a great cinematic event, added to the Brit-horror canon of recent years up with Hellraiser and, er, all those films with Craig Fairbrass in them.  But sadly, as you (the only reader) and I both know it was never made.  Joan Collins never got the chance to bat off a paper-mache pike in Lake Windemere, no matter how much you screw up your eyes and hope it'll happen (I do this when I want to see more of the Clockwork Wizards band in Dr Phibes).  There is a little more to be found here.  But what of the author?

Cliff Twemlow, martial artist, author, straight-to-video auteur - a remarkable man.  Library music composer ...
Eh?  More soon...

Sunday, 22 March 2015

between channels on tumblr

Hello. Amidst the whoop and pulse of oscillators and the clack of teleprinters I neglected to mention that between channels now has a tumblr presence as well, a growing repository for things even flimsier and of less consequence than the blog entries occasionally found here.

 There we are. Be seeing you!

It's Photo Action Cards!

You might think this is an extract from a set of 35 photographic action cards published in 1977 to be used in schools, but you'd be wrong. This is actually a time capsule - each subject perfectly frozen in time during a boring Easter holiday, doing whatever it is they were doing at the time. Be it eating an apple with a look of nausea, pushing the family's broken-down estate (note the rust speckling on the lower sill of an already new-ish car), skipping in the world's bleakest driveway or just bullying a big-eared boy in the garden, all of these young people are being absolutely natural and normal in their seventies way. I hope it brings back memories, creates false ones and even moulds psychical forces that will help free the subjects from their metaphysical amber.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Summer Maths Activities

Pencils out, sit up and if you've lost it, it's your own fault. Why not get the young people of your family to have a go at some of Peak Mathematics summer challenges? Many of them feature ancient coaches travelling to unknown destinations in conditions, but that's what the kids want, right? Extra points for anyone who can come up with a message written on the screen of an upside-down Texas Instruments 1104.
Having settled into the new abode, and given that the rain and wind are howling mercilessly, there should be a little bit more activity around here from now on.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

The Riddley Walker Mixtape on Acid Mist

The house move is complete and Summer is acumen in your hair, so I thought it was about time for a quick update. Not here of course (yet), but there is something brewing over at Acid Mist. So click over to the right and enjoy the bucolic sounds of a decaying post-nuclear holocaust society denuded of people and civilisation as we know it, relying only on the scraps of teachings passed down through the collective cultural mind!