Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Summer Maths Activities

Pencils out, sit up and if you've lost it, it's your own fault. Why not get the young people of your family to have a go at some of Peak Mathematics summer challenges? Many of them feature ancient coaches travelling to unknown destinations in conditions, but that's what the kids want, right? Extra points for anyone who can come up with a message written on the screen of an upside-down Texas Instruments 1104.
Having settled into the new abode, and given that the rain and wind are howling mercilessly, there should be a little bit more activity around here from now on.


  1. 1st class BC. Dunno about keeping the kids here happy, but def works for me.
    The 1 M 79 cm man looks very much like my old school teacher.

  2. Thanks Keith! I can just hear the sound of those flared trousers, flapping like a tea clipper's sails in the wind...

  3. Do you...
    1) love God?
    2) love thy neighbor?
    Cya soon Upstairs.