Sunday 24 July 2011

Struck down by Anonimity, or, Ron Adams' Photographs

Hello. Sorry I've been away for so long, but work has been a priority over the last few weeks and for various reasons I haven't been able to post anything. Thank you to the people who have kept looking in (albeit in vain).

It was particularly heartening to read the two recent comments posted about the Friars Square shopping precinct in Aylesbury. Before getting to the point, I have to say that many of the pictures taken were by Ron Adams - sorry Ron, I would never have posted any of your pictures had I known you had taken them. They were sent to me, and not nicked off your flickr page. The point of the photographs on this site is that they were taken, and then discarded by, anonymous people. If anyone else sees their stuff in the post, apologies for not crediting you - I didn't know anyone else had ownership of them. I'll edit the posts accordingly.

Which moves me to my point. Hi Anonymous - thanks for the heads up re the photographs. And now for a between channels impertinence. The very nature of the internet means that a lot of people can do things anonymously (or at least under a different handle, as I do!) be it hack into NATO or leave a comment on a web page. Which is fine - free speech and democracy and all that. All I ask for is a little courtesy to go with it - chippiness and / or haughtiness seems to be a default mode for some folks on the web, especially those who don't care to leave their names.

If anyone has a problem with a photo credit or with any comment I make on the site, just PM me (the email address is on there) - don't just leave an anonymous comment on the site which is designed to make me look foolish. I wouldn't do it to you, Anonymous. You have made a very good point but there are better ways to make it.