Sunday 16 September 2012

Mystery Painting

Hello! Sam Ayres recently bulged the between channels postbag with an intriguing request. He bought this picture at a carboot sale recently and would like to draw on the collected knowledge of the bc readership to discover where it is set. Ordinarily I would have callously disregarded the request and flicked a printed version into the fire, were it not for the fact that Sam identified the type of phone box in the picture as a K8, thus initiating himself into this website's inner circle. O enter ye! Anyway, all ideas are welcome, as is the thought of me getting off my backside and posting some of the pictures and illustrations that have come my way in recent weeks. It may happen. And I've thought about doing another site as well, for different things. Hmm. Anyway, drop us a line in the comments section if you can help out. Thanks!