Sunday 30 March 2014

Sunday 9 March 2014

between channels on Spotify

Many years ago when I started this blog, I developed a Spotify playlist in parallel with it to send me off to pleasant dreamy lands or to softly caress my ears whilst sitting on the 95 bus to town in the rain, feeling a bit sick. It was for my ears only, and no-one elses! Then yesterday, I thought; 'Why don't I share this playlist with all of 110 followers of this blog, the folk who read for the daily updates and little nuggets I post daily, every day?' So here it is. There's the advert for donuts with Johnny Cash ("You can get a free signed photo of good old Horace Logan!"), Ken Nordine talking to aliens ("Women? Well, heh, they're very precious to us"), lots of soundtracks, library music and other delights besides. Plus a really awful poem read in a very boring way. See if you can find it. And 'Hovercraft' by Brian Bennett, which is the music I intend to have at my hovercraft-themed funeral. As an aside, sorry about the vast delays between posting, I've just decided to do other things. Soon I'll be moving house to a far off part of Sheffield which means I'll probably have much more time to do online things and indulge my hobbies (such as watching Jeremy Brett in Supernatural's 'Mr. Nightingale' over and over again) so perhaps I'll be around more. I'm sure I will. And Tom, if you are reading this, 'Mr. Nightingale' is the best piece of old telly ever, especially the scene with the fish. Remember the fish. Speak to you all soon!