Friday 1 October 2010

Peak National Park Information Pack

Discovered in a dusty vault and full of interesting leaflets. How to wander the dark peak, discover love feasts and dressed wells, and who to contact if the worst comes to the worst;

Richard Manuel takes a group of young pioneers out into the peaks. I like her t-shirt.

The treasures contained within the folder;

There's a touch of the old weird albion about the next three. The faceless woman on the cart, the pensioner 'petalling in the smithy', not to mention the love feast of alport castle.

Finally, if you get into trouble;

Bee hive cover - depression in hillock. Phone Ripley 3551. That'll be all.


  1. I've just phoned that number, it appears to be out of order. I love these.

  2. Really, really nice. Thank you.

  3. I've just thought, it's the 1970's, I need rescuing from a cave. How am I going to call Ripley 3551? On my non-existent mobile that probably wouldn't work that far underground even if it had ben invented? I'm dead, aren't I?

    Meanwhile, at Ripley Cave Rescue, they're having another really quiet day.

  4. Everything was better in the seventies - jobs, folk traditions, the lot. Lives were shorter though, for the reason given above.