Tuesday 4 October 2011

Happy Birthday?

It was my birthday recently, and I thought I would mark the occasion with a celebratory post. Something with a fun birthday flavour eh?

Then my laptop suffered a nervous breakdown, and the new laptop doesn't recognise the scanner and Oh Lord, what a to do. Luckily, being a resilient sort I think I've ironed out the problems and here we are.

Old fun can look pretty creepy, although my favourite detail is the small sausage lying on the tray of my high chair. I'm assured that it is a sausage, by the way, by two very reliable sources. I believe the stardate is 1979 but oddly enough I don't remember being there.

Now that we're back on track I should see a little bit more of you. Right. Where are the rest of those photos?


  1. There's something incredibly sinister about this. A pig looking at a pork sausage - it's not right.

  2. Hooray! the Miss Piggy pic. I notice in the background that the door has a nice sheet of hardboard over it painted white. We had that in our house and years later I removed the hardboard and found a very nice panel door underneath. The carpet looks familiar....... are you sure you were not in my Aunties house one afternoon when they were all drinking tea, having a cigarette and watching House Party?