Monday 6 February 2012

Samuel Youd, 1922-2012

Samuel Youd, better known as the writer John Christopher, passed away on the 3rd. Writer of numerous brit sci-fi classics, I always enjoyed his books and will now hunt down my copy of 'The Death of Grass' by way of tribute. I may also hunt down a copy of the 1970 film adaptation 'No Blade of Grass', starring Nigel Davenport and directed by Cornel Wilde. The main theme is apparently by Roger Whittaker.

Although many of his books are out of print there are plenty to look for; Youd / Christopher wrote prolifically under several aliases including Stanley Winchester, Hilary Ford and Peter Graaf. 'The World in Winter' is great, as are 'The Guardians' and 'The Possessors'. 'The Long Voyage' would have made a great obscure mid-sixties thriller and is very entertaining. But I'm sure you know all this already. Here's to a writer who will be remembered for his very plausible (and peculiarly British) science fiction.


  1. RIP, Mr. Youd. Will look out for the books.

  2. I had no idea. Very sad. An incredible author, he sits on my bookshelf next to Wyndham. Death of Grass is one an astoundingly brilliant book. Did he do anything in the last couple of decades? He is inspiring.