Tuesday 10 April 2012

Black and White World

Hello. Today we will be without the usual Kodachrome faded browns and mustards and will concentrate instead on the pin-sharp blacks, whites and, er, greys of this little collection. I don't know where the locations are, except that they are our favourite sixites and seventies shopping precincts and covered markets.

Quite a nicely composed image this - varnished roof panelling and spotlighting. Maybe not a shopping centre at all. I'm thinking a magistrates office. Perhaps the two ladies pictured are discussing their recent acquittals?

"I see thin people."

That bunting really picks the place up - gives it a lift. Know what I mean?

Perhaps this is Redditch again - those stalagtites and stalagmites look familiar. Wimpy peeps out through the stairs as Tesco shows us some nice corporate art and depresses us in equal measure with a 'Back to school' ad campaign.

It's getting busy here - one of the twins from The Shining meets a friend in the foreground, as a droid seeks to loosen its restraining bolt and shuffle away from the Jawas in Currys.

This Is England? Thankfully no - instead we have what seems to be Bruce Foxton and two ladies hangin' around outside the public toilets. A cast-iron bicycle is docked imposingly in the foreground, whilst amid the concrete and painted girders in the background we glance some classic between channels graffitti tags. A shout goes out to Biff, Hettie, Rozz, Caz and Korky, and to pre-internet nicknames in general!

A shout also goes out (albeit in a very polite and restrained way) to The Atlantic Cities, who did rather a nice piece here. More soon, mind how you go!


  1. nice to see the corona 'fizzical' ad campaign in pic #2

  2. Agh! Forgot to mention the Corona.

  3. Excellent work. That is definitely Bruce Foxton - well spotted. I enjoyed your observation about 'thin people', too. Lovely photos all round. How come people don't have nicknames like that anymore?

  4. Bruce Foxton seems to turn up quite a lot in old photos from the 70s. Perhaps there was more than one Foxton. Perhaps he was many. Perhaps he was a series of early androids. The Foxton mark 1. Watching over us. I had a Daz and a Shaz in my class at school.

  5. Could Nos 2 £ 3 be the Merrion Centre, Leeds? Sadly I am sure the last three are the Arndale Centre at Crossgates, Leeds.

  6. To me Tescos & Currys are the Luton Arndale, specially the hexagonal planters. But where's the pond with the flamingos?

  7. Picture 2 and 3 are the Seacroft Centre in Leeds 4 & 5 is Crossgates Shopping Centre (Arndale) last is Seacroft centre again.

  8. wonderfull photo,s freezes good old times forever
    . last pics prob merrion centre

  9. these are the best pictures iv seen of the seacroft centre
    full of character.