Monday 30 July 2012

Tales of Old Piccadilly

So I think I can just waltz back after two months without a bye or leave? Well, yes, otherwise I wouldn't have done it. I've been spending a lot of time messing around with Audacity software trying to put together a mix for the website, but all I managed was to produce a thunderously echoing version of the theme tune to 'Terry and June' and get told off by Mrs BC. Anyway, there's some stuff going on in London at the moment, and there was some stuff going on there in 1974 as well.
The main thing going on must have been the premiere of 'Klansman', a moving documentary about Richard Burton's struggle to maintain a Southern American accent. The cinema is the London Pavillion, now part of the Trocadero centre (yuck). Props to the flamboyant gentleman reclining in the foreground. Life is sweet when you're carryng a brolly you don't need.
Another view of some ace seventies signage. It's good to see a Wimpy again, with the Apollo Cinema buried at street-level. I was going to discuss the street furniture but I reckon these guys would beat my ass with a stripey-poled Mellor, so it's best to just leave it. I'll console myself with the appearence of May Pang in the foreground, probably having a lost weekend of her own down the 'dilly. I'm off to peruse the SABRE forum.

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  1. I really need to hear your "thunderously echoing version of the theme tune to 'Terry and June'"

    And your comment regarding Richard Burton made me spill my drink.