Tuesday 30 October 2012

Barrie's Album

Hello there. I've been hunting around for things, and recently bought a small photo album.
It's a souvenir from Jerusalem, where the owner served for a while in World War Two. After taking the pictures out, I ascertained that the owner was called Barrie.
This is Barrie's sister. This photograph unnerves me a little for some reason.
This is Barrie, and someone has snapped him walking down the lane. He walks on the outside of his feet, just like I do.
Cheerfully looming out of the gloom.
Barrie liked football. I'd imagine there was no heated dugout at this ground. And the ball was carved from solid walnut.
Barrie was married. And in uniform ...
And in 1943 he was posted abroad. Written on the back: 'Your loving Sheikh xxx barrie. They never smile darling. It just is not done here.'
'14 Jan 1945 - what do you think of the car dear.'
'What do you think of the house dearest. This is not for your eyes mind.'
You're darn right about that Barrie! There were probably no more letters asking to see what 'the house' looked like. It must have been boring and lonely in the desert when you weren't fighting.
'2 girls - sidi bishr'.


  1. Quite the writer, that Barrie chap. Bet he had women everywhere falling for his poetic prose.

  2. I like the bit about not smiling. 'It just is not done here!' I may use that phrase more often in daily conversation.