Tuesday 24 May 2011

My Fare Lady

Hello! After a short (long) hiatus, we're back with more eighties life, although this time we're taking a step back from your grandparents' sitting room and having a look outside. This picture was amongst a batch taken in Edinburgh, so I presume that this branch of Fine Fare is in the Athens of the North. As for the year, Fine Fares were re-branded as Gateways from 1986, so maybe just before that. OK, I haven't a clue.

Lets have a look then. Ever get the feeling someone's following you? Keep walking girls, Mummy's just taking you for a nice walk. Yes, keep a tight hold of Teddy. No, I don't care that Coca Cola is only 63p. It's a brisk march past for this lady and her kin, although I don't blame her as she seems to have attracted the attention of Molly Weir off of SuperGran and her beige husband, who are left spinning in their wake.

As for the prices, we have Red Salmon at £1.29, and Stewing Beef at an outrageous £1.34. The rest is sadly pixellated beyond my ken, although I would love to know what only cost 29p. Having seen the other pictures in the set, I think I have a rough idea where mother and daughters were heading, and it certainly ain't Fine Fare...


  1. I had a friend at high school, her dad was 50 when she was born. They lived in a very dated house, just the 2 of them. When they ran out of toilet paper between trips to 'Somerfield' they used strips of newspaper. Even though my friend moved away I still see her dad, now 85. I ask how he is, he says "I'm Ok, on my way to Fine Fare". My grandfather called it "The Gateway". Long comment-sorry, you just stirred up two memories long forgotten 'til tonight.

  2. 'Thankful for her Fine Fare discount, Tess co-operates...' (Genesis, 1973). Very fond memories of shopping at Fine Fare in the olden dayes.

  3. I remember Fine Fare's own label stuff all came in custard yellow receptacles. I need to get out more.

  4. I notice that none of the prices end in 1/2p. I'm pretty sure that was common practice for Fine Fare. As the halfpenny was withdrawn in Feb 84 this places the pic between then and the rebranding in 86. I'll crawl back under my rock now. Fine blog. Many thanks.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone. Charlie, excellent sleuthing. I thank you.
    Steerforth, I think Gateway became Somerfield. Such a tangled web ...