Thursday 26 May 2011

The Ridings Centre, Wakefield

If the Waverley Centre was 'a bit much', lets visit the whitewashed chill-out room that is Wakefield's Ridings Centre.

A nice view this, giving us the full vista of 'The Garden', a central snacky-communal-mingling area. Quite a bit to look at here - most notable is the streamlined and illuminated 'Metropolis' style lift, which takes you from outside Miss Selfridge (pink neon sign = ace) and sets you gently down amid bubbling mini-waterfalls and garlands of flowers. A good place to relax before you go to ...

Britain's premier door fittings and domestic fixtures outlet! Don't worry if you haven't seen a branch for a while, they still have a reassuring presence on the internet. Speaking of reassuring presences, the chap with the khaki bodywarmer seems to radiate good vibes - people pass him in the arcade and can't help but be drawn to him. As he descends the stairs to browse for a clock in 'Knobs and Knockers', an old couple bow and curtsey to him as they pass. You don't get deferential old people like that anymore. I like the style of the young chap with the green cardigan, looking a bit Miami Vice as he strides past the lamps and brass fireguards in Ks & Ks window. No accessorising necessary for him.

As for the decor, we've got it all really; mirrored panels, mock street lights, little coloured in-fills on the railings and that honeycomb roof-material that looks like it's made of balsa wood. This riot of colour and artifice has all been a bit much for me so next time we're going back to the sixties. Until then ...


  1. I was just wondering............Did Sid James work behind the counter at Knobs and Knockers??????? in Fact was this not the Hardware shop in that 80s classic Carry on Hardware

  2. This must have been post-miners' strike, when the 'proletariat' were pacified by consumerism and the opportunity to become shareholders in public utilities.

  3. Knobs and Knockers ... I mean ... what were they thinking?? I think that this place was what the former industrial north got in exchange for the decimation of its industry and communities. A bum deal.

  4. It's the shopping centre that's firmly stuck in the 70s. Everything from the nasty beige brickwork to the hideous Morrisons store that has the co-op style polished concrete floor, low ceilings and crap lighting.

    On a busy day today you might see as many as twelve people in it at any one moment ;-)

    Come visit Wakey, we've got a lot of pound stores.

  5. Wasn't built until the 80s....

  6. Nice post thannks for sharing